2011 Graduation Events

Service of Thanksgiving Speaker Professor Steven Tuell

SA President Dan Voigt

Sally Henry and Jason Clapper

Jennifer Hipple with family and Director of WMI Don Dawson

Jeri-Lynne Bouterse, William Myers, and Lisa Kenkeremath

Jeremy Fisher

Chris Dericks and wife Nicky

Becky Jones and Adam Jones

Hannah Judy and her father

Bill Little and son Ben

Bethany Harbaugh, Adam Jones, and Dave Dack

Board Members Stephanie Simmons and Susan Vande Kappelle '95

Board Chair Jack Isherwood and Board Member Candace Veon-Nyiri '96

Brian Sandall, Professor John Wilson, and Tony Richardson

Dean of Faculty Barry Jackson, Board Member and Speaker Jim Miller, President Bill Carl, and Board Chair Jack Isherwood

Sally and Kim Henry

Lee Scott and Melissa Synder

Aimee and Charlie Cotherman

BT Gilligan and fellow grads

Bagpiper Joyce MacFarlane McIntosh

Kathy Dain

President Carl

Brady Randall

Lisa Kenkeremath

Speaker Jim Miller

Professor Timothy Son

All grads

Master's grads

DMin grads

Bethany Harbaugh and family

Caroline '06 and Tim Becker '07 and Speaker Jim Miller

Chris '08 and Eileen Brown, Jennifer Hipple, and Mike Gehrling '08

Dan Voigt and family

Dan Voigt, Mike Sppicuzza, Daniel Getkin, and Mark Allio

Board members Don McKim '74 and Lexi Joachim '09


Jason Clapper

Jelty Jelly Ochotan

Joan Prentice with friends and family

Faculty Marshal John Burgess

Professors John Wilson and Rob Gagnon

Professor Susan Kendall and Director of WMI Don Dawson

Mark Allio with family

Peter Ahn

Tom Wakam and President Carl